Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A day off

Almost nothing of significance to report except that I couldn't sleep last night so my day off wasn't as good as I'd hoped. This could be due to an almost overwhelming amount of stress I realise at some point. so I sit down to journal and think armed with a cup of hot ribena and a pen. Surely this will help.

I discover the first snag in the plan when my pen fails after approximately 10 words. And I think - oh come on! Sighing to myself I put my drink down on the floor, stand up and start to cross the room to obtain a new pen. And then it happens. A 'chink' and a 'splash' sound. And I think: oh shit.

Turning, I discover my new and very much beloved phone practising it's diving techniques in my hot ribena. Impressive aiming I think. Briefly. Ever so briefly. Before swearing profusly.

A short trip to the 3 store later (having gone through the process of going: oh I'll call them to see if they fix your phone for you....oh....) confirms that they will not fix it for you. No worries though, they assure me. You can just buy a new pay as you go and put the sim in it. At 166 quid for my model I politely decline (it was a hard choice between that or ramming my now useless hunk of plastic down their purple-shirted throats, but it wasn't their fault after all).

I get the bus home thinking: I might need to seriously re-evaluate my life right about now.