Saturday, 23 August 2008

Lacking any kind of good title or serious news to report allow me just to say that this week has been slightly frustrating. For example:

"Hello mr bus driver, return to town please" "You want to go to town? Really?! you should have gotten that bus that just went past on the other side of the road going in the opposite direction. The bus route has changed and this is the looooooooooong way round. Still, by the time you wait half an hour for the next one you might as well sit on this one anyway".

"Phlip did I leave my folder with my work schedule in it at home?" "yes." "crap." "You also left some other things including your passport - by the way aren't you flying to Australia quite soon?" "yes."

"I've just been looking for my toothbrush - did I leave that there too?" "Yes."

"I'll just find the scripts that I printed out. Wait, I can't find them. I'll get my laptop and do it again. Wait, my laptop wont turn on. [6 hours later] Oh there it goes - I'll just do half an hours editing in photoshop. Oh. It just crashed again moments before I finished."

Funny how the little things are quite irritating (mind you so are the 'big' things). I'm also thinking of going to Australia for a few months. Some call it running away.