Thursday, 6 March 2008

Slowly going insane.....

Today I have been trying to work on preparing a breakout for, let's just say, approximately 2 days time.

Most of me is currently a bit miffed about this - I feel underskilled and lost at sea with a whole load of other things just lurking in wait, things that also need to be done too. As I look around me today I see a group of friends doing the best they know how to make their way through life and make just a small (if not a big) difference in the lives of the surounding communities. Some of them live (technically speaking) below the poverty line. I rarely hear them complain or grumble.

And at the same time that the bbc is reporting on the guilty verdict for a man now convicted of 3 murders, a report from a young man who has been abused by a foster mother and the UN warnings concerning inflation prices for food; yahoo reminds me that I can easily catch up on the story so far of 'Lost' with a handy 8 minute video, that a superdog is rumoured to be favourite for winning crufts and that apparently some football manager has said he will kill Chelsea. Figuratively speaking I'm sure.

Then take me - this week I've spent a certain amount of time considering what name I should put on my e-mail signature so that peopel will be able to identify who I am and what I do. I decided on Media Department Executive first but then changed my mind to go for Executive Media Officer - because the acronym is EMO. I can feel myself whinging about the fact that life is unstable and unsettled, that I feel busy & stressed, that I want to be outside more doing something significant or just fun.

Sometimes I wish I could get a little bit of perspective.