Friday, 25 July 2008

A dog's breakfast

Meaning either: a complete mess, or the thing that a dog has for breakfast. Sadly both things applied to the doughnut I bought for my own breakfast this morning after an extremely wet & enthusiatic golden retriever nearly pushed me off a bridge and then destroyed my bag in order to get to the doughnut inside it. Needless to say the half eaten, wet & covered in dog hair thing that I rescued was inedible. The dog's owner looked quite embarassed about the whole thing but I couldn't find it in my heart to be angry - just mildly annoyed and amused.

The parallel with this week didn't escape me. Since having a really nice weekend I somehow seem to have ended up with a week that's involved a one way trip to chaos & destruction. I have no plan of escape currently, only a glimmering hope that somehow the lord might have some kind of plan. If he doesn't then I could be in trouble. I'm beginning to wonder if the lesson might be: there's a way to be ok in the middle of chaos that's to do with Me - you don't have to control chaos in order to be 'ok'. I think that's worth checking out.